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Out Now

My first single release since 2018.

For me, this song is a bit of a twist on the typical kind of "love song". You know, boy meets girl, kiss, love... you get the idea! And don't get me wrong, I write and love these songs too. 

But, this one's about breaking up, it could never have worked...but, we move on and we find love in the end. And it's an "up" song...a good time, feel good song!! 

I believe lyrics can mean many different things to people though so, I'd love to hear what you all get from it and if you dig it. 

Please stream it.... download it..... share it around with your friends and family!!! 

Thank you for the continued support!! 



So, it's been a minute... right? Well, I'm back!!

Over the last couple of years I've been focusing on my writing, recording and producing. And, honestly, I believe I've got some of my best music to date coming for you!! But, I guess I'll have to let y'all be the judge of that hey?

First up of many more to come is my new single 'Look At You Now'. Please hit the link below and 'Pre Save' the song to your Spotify playlists!! 


About Dave Kerr

Over the years Dave Kerr has earned his stripes and made his mark on the underground music scene. With hard rock monsters SILVERJET and power pop kings TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY he has shared the stage with some of his personal heroes and big bands such as Buckcherry, Gilby Clarke (Guns n Roses), Hanoi Rocks, The Quireboys, Dogs D’amour, The Wildhearts, Heavens Basement among many others. He has honed his live performance skills performing all over the UK as well as appearances in Europe and the US and delivers energy, charisma, passion and honesty with each and every show!

As a solo artist, Kerr shows more of his Country and Blues influences. It is a true solo effort with Dave performing, recording and mixing the music. His debut album ‘Slave to Rock n Roll’ is an 8 track offering, it has it’s imperfections, it’s raw and includes some of his proudest song writing moments so far in tracks such as “Saved” and the self-titled track “Slave to Rock n Roll”.

The second album ‘Being Drunk Looks Good On You’ dives even further into the realms of the Country influenced story telling style song writing. It was a long time coming with an almost three year gap between the two releases. That said, you can hear the growth and journey that DK has taken as an artist throughout the album.

During the Covid pandemic and given the world was put on hold, DK took the opportunity to record another album "Locked Down & Stripped Back". This is a mix of new and old DK songs as well as a couple of Silverjet tracks for good measure.  All recorded live, with just his guitar and voice to tell the stories. 

The focus is going to be on the Country scene and getting out in front of some new faces in some new places. You can expect to see plenty acoustic shows and hopefully some full Dave Kerr Band shows to boot! 

Keep your eyes open y'all, Dave Kerr is coming for ya ;-) 

You can check out all DK recordings via the usual platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc... or purchase via the "Shop" page. 


The Devil Wears Perfume....

...and the crowd goes wild... well, in 2022, a fair few years after it's official release, at least one very awesome film director did when he heard the Dave Kerr song! So much so, that they licensed it to be used in a project they're working on. 

Now, unfortunately, I'm unable to tell you who or what at this stage... but, once I have the green light, I'll shout it from the roof tops!! Well, the metaphorical roof tops of all the usual social media platforms anyway ;-) 




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